The Butler
After a long, hard day at work, the last thing you want to do is turn your own faucets— and why should you? With a Demo Company Robot Butler, drawing a bath is as easy as bossing around a metallic flunky whose name begins with the letter "J". Using our patented PersonaGratis™ technology, you can assign a wide range of personalities to your Robot Butler, from Completely Obsequious™ to Brutally Sarcastic™. Better yet, this unit can be programmed to react differently to specific individuals, handy for getting rid of unwanted guests and relatives. Whether you're a star of the social circuit or a complete recluse, our Robot Butler is an indispensible part of your Quality of Life™.

Your Personal Trainer
Too lazy to exercise? You need to get motivated! It's easy to skip going to the gym, but try ditching your personal Robot Trainer from Demo Company. He's pushy, he's persistent, and it's all for your own good. Complete with hand weights, leg warmers and an audio database of every disco song ever recorded, this model will have you sweating to the beat in no time. If you miss a workout session, the Robot Trainer will make sure you get back on schedule. How? Simple— he'll follow you everywhere you go!

Personal Security
Smarter than the average human bouncer, Demo Company's Security Robots come in two models: ToughGuy and UltraK9. Whether you're a high-profile celebrity looking for some privacy, a hard-headed CEO out to protect professional secrets, or just plain paranoid, these models will provide you with a much-deserved buffer between your personal space and the rest of the world. ToughGuy and UltraK9 units available separately.

Your Robot Friends
When you're on the go, go, go, sometimes you just don't have the time for a normal social life. That's where Demo Company's Robot Friends can help! For the guys, we offer the Ultimate Buddy™— a real pal who's guaranteed to be the life of the party, even if it's just you, him and a stack of Jackie Chan DVDs. Features include the Bottomless Beer Keg™, a universal remote, 24-hour satellite access to our sports statistics database, and the unstoppable robot will to have fun, fun, and even more fun!