GIF File Size Comparison

GIF files are designed to be used on illustrations or images with large areas of horizontal flat color. The bit depth (number of colors) used in the image will also affect the file size. Here you will be able to see the same image at all bit depths, and as JPEGs to show the difference in file size.

8-Bit Gif - 14.8KB 100% JPEG - 60.5KB
7-Bit Gif - 13.1KB 80% JPEG - 35.9KB
6-Bit Gif - 11.4KB 60% JPEG - 23.3KB
5-Bit Gif - 9.51KB 40% JPEG - 14.6KB
4-Bit Gif - 8.40KB 20% JPEG - 11.3KB
3-Bit Gif - 7.91KB  

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