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Chapter 13: Color
Color is important to Web designers, as it makes pages both pleasing and meaningful to visitors. Unfortunately, color use on the Web can be difficult. With the wide variability of viewing environments, designers need to continue to rely on the 216-color browser-safe palette. Hybrid colors and color depth detection can help us break the 216-color limit safely, but even then things may not work. Without color correction technology that can deal with differences in the user's viewing environment, color reproduction on the Web is far from an exact science. This is a rather unfortunate situation. Color preciseness is important if we want to make sure that the blue shirt users buy online is exactly the shade of blue they thought it was. Just think of the cost of returns due to a serious color shift! With the eventual introduction of color profiles in CSS (and PNG images, discussed in the next chapter), things should improve. Yet even when color is displayed properly, it is easy to misuse color by not using harmonious colors, providing too little contrast, or not considering the meaning of color.

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