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Chapter 9: Search
Links and Entry Points
Another aspect of search engine ranking has to do with the number of links leaving a page, as well as the number of pages that link to a page. Landmark pages such as home pages tend to have a lot of outgoing and incoming links. Search engines would prefer to rank landmark pages highly, so it is important that key pages in your site have links to them from nearly every page. Some search engines also favor sites that have many sites pointing to them. Because of this, people are already starting to create sites solely for the purpose of pointing to other sites.

Another approach to improving search engine ranking is to submit many pages in a site, or even off a site, to a search engine. All of these entry pages, often called doorway pages, point to important content within your site. Unfortunately, doorway pages are more like decoy pages, as they can be loaded with false content to attract the visitor and eventually deposit the user at a page they didn't really want to see. The problem with search engine promotion is that the distance from simple logical keyword loading to various tricks is a short one—particularly if designers obsess with top-ten ranking.

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