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Chapter 9: Search
Titles and File Naming
One important aspect of search engine ranking is making sure your page has a very good title. For example,

<title>Robot Butler</title>
is a bad title as far as search engine ranking goes. A better title might be:

<title>Butler-1000: Specification of Demo Company's Robot Butler, the leading metallic man servant on the market</title>
Remember that people also look at page titles, and they are used for bookmarking, so a really long title may be more appropriate for search engines than for users.

The name of a file can also be important for search engines. Rather than naming a file "butler.htm," use "butler1000robotbutler.htm." If you have a good domain name and directory structure, you may create a URL that almost makes sense. For example, if we named our server, as well as, we may have a URL like this:
Notice how this almost includes the same information as the title. This provides the secondary benefit of letting users know where they are, rather than resorting to cryptic URLs like this:

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