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Chapter 9: Search
Adding to the Engines
Getting a site's pages gathered by a search engine is the first step in making a site findable on the Web. The easiest way to do this is simply to tell search engines that your site exists. Most search engines will allow you to add a URL to be indexed. For example, Google allows you to add a site for gathering by using a simple form ( Of course, adding your site to every single search engine could be a tedious task, so many vendors ( are eager to provide developers with a way to bulk-submit to numerous search engines. Most Web site promotion software, such as WebPosition Gold (, also includes automated submission utilities. Today you may find that the simple guaranteed submission to a search engine costs money. Undoubtedly, this trend will continue.

You should consider how many search engines you'll want to submit your site to. Some people favor only adding few links to the important top ten engines, especially Yahoo! Numerous studies, as well as this author's experience, suggest that big search sites, particularly Yahoo, account for most search engine traffic. However, some site promotion experts feel this is not correct and believe it is best to create as many links to sites as possible. In fact, a whole class of link sites—"Free For All" links or FFA sites (not to be confused with anything related to the Future Farmers of America)—have sprung up to service people who believe that "all links should lead to me" works. The reality is that most of these link services are pretty much worthless and often generate worthless Traffic and spam messages. Further, consider that even if you do get back links and e-mail, it is mostly from people who are doing the same thing you're doing— trying to get links.

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