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Chapter 13: Color
Colors are used on the Web not only to make sites more interesting to look at, but also to inform, entertain, or even evoke subliminal feelings in the user. Yet, using color on the Web can be difficult because of the limitations of today's browser technology. Color reproduction is far from perfect, and the effect of Web colors on users may not always be what was intended. Apart from correct reproduction, there are other factors that affect the usability of color on the Web. For instance, a misunderstanding of the cultural significance of certain colors may cause a negative feeling in the user. In this chapter, color technology and usage on the Web will be covered, while the following chapter will focus on the use of images online.
  1. Color Basics
  2. Computer Color
  3. Web Color Basics
  4. Practical Web Color
  5. Browser-Safe Color
  6. Troublesome Color Reproduction Issues
  7. Using Color
  8. Summary
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